Silicone Baby Feeding Bibs with Food Catcher Pocket, Set of 3 - Unisex Waterproof Bib

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Make your feeding experience with baby a breeze with a product that was designed for your comfort!

Babies like to squirm and move a lot while they're eating, and although it may look absolutely adorable, it also makes feeding time messy, and oftentimes, pretty chaotic.

Bibs were created to protect baby's clothes from any food stains, but those cloth ones made of either cotton, or flannel, or any other material are cleaning horror stories in the making! They also can't do much about the food pieces that fall to the ground, or the drinks that get spilled on the floor.

This is why Ashtonbee designed the waterproof silicone baby bib that provides you all these features and benefits:
Hassle-free cleaning using only mild soap and water, and is dishwasher-safe
Food pocket catches any fallen food bits, or drink spillage
Adjustable straps that can be used by babies who are months-old until they are toddlers
Fragrance-free, and made of FDA-approved, and BPA-free materials to ensure safety
Portable, lightweight, and easily-stored
Double-closure straps so baby is free to move around without accidentally removing the bib
Comes in pack of three with a free little feeding spoon for added value

But really, all we want is for you and your baby to have the best experience no matter what it is you are doing together.

We are committed to providing you with the best customer experience, and deeply value your satisfaction.

Once you purchase, and you are not satisfied with this product, let us know, and we will offer you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


BABY-SAFE & BABY-LOVED - At Ashtonbee, baby’s safety is our top priority. These bibs are made with only 100% high quality, food-grade silicone that’s BPA-, BPS-, LATEX-, and PHTHALATES-free. | MESS-FREE FEEDING TIME - Comes with a food catcher pocket that can catch any food debris while protecting your baby’s clothes from any stains, and you from any stress. | GROWS WITH BABY - Has adjustable settings for your baby’s optimum comfort. Its adjustable feature allows you to use it as baby grows without having to spend any extra bucks | COMES IN A PACK OF 3 - You get value for your money with our 3-Pack Ashtonbee baby bibs that comes in bright, cute colors that are sure to bring a smile to your little one’s face | YOU'RE IN GOOD HANDS WHEN YOU PURCHASE FROM US - You and your child’s comfort and convenience are important to us here at Ashtonbee. We genuinely care for you. When you purchase from us and you have any concerns, just let us know and we will be happy to help.









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