SIMPLICI Coffee Grit bar soap Value Bag (6 Bars)

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Simplici Soap Factory produces artisan-crafted and conscientiously packaged bar soaps from sustainable ingredients (no palm oil, always palm oil free). Varieties range from unscented to naturally scented with pure essential oils. Herbs, charcoal, clays, and pumice add color and texture. All bars are formulated to lightly moisturize and condition while leaving the skin squeaky clean. Simplici's non-vegan soaps are made with lard and coconut oil. These fats/oils are turned into soap using lye and the old-fashioned cold-process soap-making method. All naturally produced glycerin is retained, and none of the lye remains in the final product. These dense, long-lasting bars are formulated to lift and wash dirt and germs away from the hands and body with a thick, stable lather. These soaps may also be used to shave with, as a shaving soap. All Simplici soaps are handmade, handcrafted in Centerville, Tennessee, USA. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Simplici COFFEE GRIT SOAP (unscented & exfoliating) has over 1 gram of coffee grounds per 128 gram bar. | This long-lasting hand, face & body wash is formulated to lather great, & leave skin feeling squeaky clean. | 100% natural color and texture. Generous 4.5 oz (128 g) bar size. Six unlabeled bars, bulk packaged in a coffee bag, and box. | Handmade at the Simplici Soap Factory. 107 Church Street, Centerville, TN. Satisfaction Guaranteed. | Ingredients (PALM OIL FREE & non-vegan): Saponified (lard, lye, coconut oil), coffee grounds, grits.





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