Skeleteen Costume Military Officer Medals - US Army Medal for Soldier Coat Jacket Costume Uniform

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Skeleteen Military Combat Hero Awards are perfect for little boys and girls dressing up in military dresses. It can be used for a Colonel Mustard costume from Clue, a steampunk medal for a Malcolm Weatherby costume, or a Soviet or US military kid costume. This pack includes one 5" pin with 3 fake medals attached to it. Just clip it onto your uniform and you will look the part. These medals are perfect for Halloween or a costume party. They can be used as a gift for a kid who loves pretend play dress up and military trinkets. This pin looks good with trooper formal attire and a hat.


Skeleteen 3 Medal pin is perfect for any child or adult dressing up as a Colonel or General. | Includes one 5" metal pin with 3 unique fake war hero medals, to be worn on military costumes. | These ribbons and medals are attached to the 5" pin, to assure it lays straight on the uniform. | Ideal for kids as dress up like Russian, British, German or US war heroes, or for a costume chest. | Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.









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