Skeleteen Old Lady Costume Set - Grey Granny Wig and Fake Gold Rectangle Eyeglasses Grandma Set for Women and Girls

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Skeleteen Old Lady Costume Set is the perfect accessories set for granny costumes. It is a favorite among kids and adults and can be worn on Halloween, Christmas or for every day dress up. The set includes a gray librarian style wig with a bun in the back that can be used to portray an old lady, Mrs. Clause, or a librarian. The glasses that are included in the set are non-prescription and small. They will fit girls and boys, and women with narrow faces. The frames are of Victorian style and were used to portray influential people of the times. They were worn with a suit, a cane, and maybe a beard. These spectacles can also be used as Smee character eye glasses, costumes of Pidge, Moaning Myrtle, etc. This set will fit kids of all ages and most women; however, it will definitely be too small for a man. The wigs do have a stretchable mesh net that fits on many adult heads, but the glasses are only 5". This set is ideal for the 100th day of school costume and will be a hit among other children. It is a favorite among kids who love dress up and pretend play and is ideal for a costume chest in school.


Skeleteen Old Lady Dress Up Costume Accessory Set is ideal for cosplay or Halloween and Christmas. | The wig has a stretch net edged in elastic for secure fit on most heads and the glasses are 5" wide. | This is a great costume for the 100th day of school and can be worn with a pearl necklace and cane. | This set includes the accessories needed to complete any old lady costume, including Mrs Santa. | Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.









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