Skeleteen White Child Costume Gloves - Formal Kids Size Wrist Glove Set for Boys and Girls

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Skeleteen Boy and Girl Childs Size Gloves are perfect for any little kid. It can be worn for a First Communion, flower girl or a tea party accessory, or for a costume like a clown, magician, Luigi and Mario from Nintendo, a princess, etc. It can also be worn with a Mickey or Minnie Mouse Costume, for a Cat in the Hat from Dr. Seuss costume, for a Sonic The Hedgehog costume, a ringmaster costume or an astronaut costume. These glove accessories are made of polyester and look like cotton, so they can be worn for Easter, a wedding, a cotillion, or any special occasion. These costumes are a favorite among young kids who love to play dress up and pretends to become different characters. These gloves are versatile and can be used for many costumes, from Super Mario Brothers to Magicians, to a Cinderella or Snow White costume. It can be used by boys for costumes like a scientist, Willy Wonka, PT Barnum from the Greatest Showman, a storm trooper, etc. It can be used by girls for a princess, a bride, Mary Poppins, a vampire, or for evening wear. These gloves are also ideal for a dance costume, pageant or parade. These gloves are a favorite for every youth, child and toddler.


Skeleteen Kid Costume Gloves is the perfect childrens glove for theatrical and formal purposes. | The gloves measure 6.5" from the wrist to middle finger and has a small rubber band at the wrist. | These gloves are great children gloves for Halloween and can be worn with many typical costumes. | These gloves are also ideal for a costume chest for any kid who loves pretend play and dressing up. | Skeleteen items are made of tested materials that are non-toxic and safe.









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