Slime Putty Toy Kit 18pc Multi Pack. Magic Crystal Fruit Themed, Super Stretch Gel Soft, Water Based Toy Set. Fluffy for Kids, Adults, Birthdays, Parties. Stress Relief, Non-Toxic.

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Are you looking for a fun product that you can buy for a multi-child family or as a party favorThese scented, super stretch fruit inspired Crystal Slimes come in a huge lot of 18 pieces. The set contains (6) containers each of three different sizes. A set this large lends itself perfectly for families with more than one These super stretch crystal slimes come in large multi-packs but if you only have one child or if you don't want your kids to have all of them at once - these individually packaged slimes store well for lengthy periods of time. Unlike other similar products on the market - each slime tub is hermetically sealed - meaning they have a strong air tight seal that keeps excess moisture out and keeps the slime fresh and free from contaminants and mold. These seals allow you to store your items for pretty lengthy periods of time without having to worry that they are no longer usable. Are you a parent who likes to know their children's toys are safeThese fruit scented magic crystal slimes are made from a long lasting and super stretchy soft rubber. Unlike other similar products on the market, these slimes aren't filled with dangerous chemicals and additives. All components of these toys are 100% NON TOXIC and safe for children to handle. The slimes are also made from a unique eco-friendly material. Have complete confidence that your children are in no danger while enjoying this product! Don't buy cheaply made slime toys! Get the most for your investment! Our uniquely designed crystal slime toys provide your children with a tactile sensory


BRIGHT COLORFUL 18PCS MULTI SIZE SET: 18 Piece crystal fruit slime set features (6) each of (3) different size tubs. Keep all of them for yourself or buy a set or two for sharing among friends, family or for use in goodies bags as party favors! | HERMETICALLY SEALED FOR FRESHNESS: Each tub of crystal slime is hermetically sealed to make sure they stay airtight and perfectly fresh until you are ready to open and use them. These super sealed containers keep the product safe from breaking apart on transit and keep the mold OUT, viable and usable for a substantial amount of time making them easy to purchase now and store for later use! | LONG LASTING FOR BETTER VALUE: These fun tubs of soft foam crystal slime are long lasting as long as they are cared for properly. You will be able to enjoy the fun of these fun fruit slimes over and over so long as you store them in their containers after use. | SUPER STRETCHY SOFT SLIME: Made from a soft and pliable slime material these mud slimes are the ultimate super stretchy toy! Knead the slime to loosen the material and see how far you can make it go! Take it to school and charm with it. The men, girls and much more will love the clear galaxy art. | NON-TOXIC AND ECO FRIENDLY: Our magic crystal, galaxy slimes set are Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly. Be confident that you have purchased a safe product for your children to play with.









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