sloueasy- 7oz Crystal Pink Fluffy Slime with Foam Beads, Non-Sticky Slime Stress Relief Toy Scented Sludge Toy for Boys and Girls

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7 OZ Fluffy Slime with Foam Balls, Super Soft Non-sticky Fluffy Floam Slime Stress Relief Toy Scented Sludge DIY Fun Toy for Kids and Adults, ASTM Certified Developing kids can use these soft fluffy slime to create fun shapes, improve engage imagination and hands skills, that is also to say "teaching goes together with pleasure". People also can pinch or press these super soft and non-sticky slime to reduce their stress and anxiety. Feature: -7 Ounce huge quantity allow you make more and bigger shapes -Super Fun Fluffy Slime Game DIY Toy -Super Soft, Can be made any shapes of things -Non sticky, Keep your hand clean -ASTM certified, safe and funny for kids and adults Specification: - Weight: 7oz - Color: Pink Package include: -1 Jar Fluffy Slime Comes in a plastic jar container with our brand. Please put the slime back in the container when you don't use it. The slime will get dry if exposed in the air for quite a long time, you could add a little water to wet it.


SLOUEASY - Pink Color Fluffy Slime with foam balls | NATURAL & SAFE AND GIFTS FOR KIDS AND ADULTS - Made of NATURAL resin, water and inorganic powder with a good smell. Suitable for children over the age of 8 or under parents supervision | SUPER SOFT AND NON STICKY: soft, not sticky, Easy to Stretchy and poke. | NON-TOXIC : ASTM,CPC certified, Completely safe slime for Kids and Adult. | SLOUEASY - New Pink Color 7oz Fluffy Slime with free doll Clay Molds Craft Supplies,Beading Supplies









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