SMALLRIG Multi-Functional Baseplate with Rosette Rod Clamp for RED DSMC2 for RED Weapon/Raven/Sarlet/Epic- 1998

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SmallRig Baseplate for RED DSMC2 1998 is exclusively designed for RED DSMC2. It is a baseplate with 15mm rod clamps and rosettes. It offers an abundance of possibilities for the cameraman as per the needs during shooting, thus it is very beneficial and convenient for the cameraman. Key Features: 1. It is an dovetail baseplate exclusively designed for RED DSMC2. 2. It enables 15mm LWS system for RED DSMC2. 3. It supports fast switch from run-and-gun to tripod shooting. 4. It features light weight and thinness, with 500g in net weight and 21mm in thinness. Compatibility: For RED DSMC2 (Scarlet-W/ Epic-W/ Raven/ Weapon) Package Includes: 1 x Baseplate 1 x Hex Spanner Product Dimensions: 145x140x35 mm Net Weight: 500g Package Size: 165x155x85 mm Material(s): Aluminum Alloy



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