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Product information: Product size : about 22*28cm Weight: about 0.6 kg Style: Fashion Material: plush Battery type: AA batteries (The battery is not included.) Function: Sound/ Walking Features: Simulation plush, supple feel, vivid product modeling realistic, security . How to use: 1. Use a screwdriver to open the screw on the battery cover on the stomach, and load the 4pcs AA batteries into it,please follow the correct instruction of positive and negative electrodes ,and then close the battery cover. Tighten the screw and open the switch,turn it to ON condition. 2. Now you can touch it or a clap, or use the sound to make it move and interactive with the lovely cat. Please notes: 1,If the sound effect of the cat is weak or the cat can't move,please change the new batteries. 2.The AA batteries should be put into the Battery bay in the correct direction. 3.Non-rechargeable batteries can not be charged. 4.Exhausted batteries should be removed from the toy. 5.Different types of batteries or old and new batteries can not be mixed.


HIGH QUALITY & SAFTY APPROVED:Battery Operated Sound Control Interactive Toy Cat,Battery compartment hidden design in the abdomen, switch cleverly arranged bones, very interesting.High quality and eco-friendly.Most safe,softable and reliable for the Baby&Kids. | MULTI FUNCTION & FEATURES:High quality staple cotton,so soft and comfortable,marked bones push button switch, suitable for the baby to play with it.When you open the switch,the cat will walk or jump and meow when you touch it or hand clap ,very interesting cat. Realistic styling, made of soft plush fabric and impeccable attention to detail. | ADVANTAGES&BENEFITS:Plush toys have a good soothing and comfort emotional role.For children's language training is very helpful,conducive to children's sensory development, coordination of child physical function.It's the best soul partner,not only children's toys,but also home furnishings.Best home decor,a pretty gift for your kids,also a nice gift for valentine day. | Battery type: AA batteries (The battery is not included.) | There are more adept at the creeping forward, vivid visual effects and soft touch delicate touch, leaving the child in the play as if with a real pet cat!









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