Smart N Comfy 3-in-1 Travel High Chair + Portable High Chair + Toddler Safety Harness + Shopping Cart Safety Strap (Black)

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This Smart N Comfy Safety Harness serves 3 Important Functions: helps you keep your child close in public while allowing them to explore the environment, keep a child safely fastened in the shopping cart, and works as a portable high chair restraint. It features a non-slip loop design on the hand strap for better hand grip. This harness is recommended for children who can sit unsupported (around 6 months old to 4 years old). WARNING NOTICE: Do not leave child unattended. Ensure that velcro strap is fastened securely at all times while in use. Ensure that belt buckles are properly secured. Always keep an eye on child and use with precaution to prevent entanglement and strangulation. Beware of danger when using the straps near escalators, automatic doors and etc. NO HASSLE 100% 1 YEAR GUARANTEE REFUND POLICY Color of harness may differ slightly from the actual harness received from the picture showed due to the lighting conditions during the photoshoot.


MULTIPLE USE 3 IN 1 - This is a multipurpose safety harness for toddlers that can be used as a portable/travel high chair, shopping cart safety strap and walking harness/leash. | CONVENIENT TO CARRY AROUND - Being lightweight and compact, this harness can be easily stored without taking up much space. You can use it at home, restaurant and also when traveling. | SUPERIOR QUALITY FABRIC - The Toddler safety harness is made with high quality fabric to ensure softness and durability. It is equipped with breathable inner lining for sufficient air flow. | VERSATILE - The harness is easily adjustable with the growing age of children. Also, the strap is 33 inches long to accommodate parents with above-average height. It also feature a front pocket to keep a pacifier or hanky clean and handy. | EASY TO CLEAN - It is really easy to clean the harness. Light stains can be easily removed by wiping. The harness can be washed for tougher stains and spills.









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