Solid Wooden building blocks for toddlers - kids blocks to spark creativity, imagination. 130 building blocks each wood block is made out natural Linden with hands. Invest in your children age 3-7

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Kubi Dubi Believes Child Inner World Builds The Outside World We live

Toddler building toys like Maya is a fascinating developmental wooden set. It's excellent investment. whether as happy birthday party gifts for your own kids or a best friend children as therapy toy for example.
 -Big building blocks for toddlers both great for outdoor or indoor family activities
 -The real wood aroma comes from the popular eco-friendly toys when your toddler plays with it
-Our kit assists forming an executive control , calming anxious and depressed children

Assembling backyard toys for toddler is a captivating activity. 

-Growing creativity is imperative at young age
-Motor, construction skills, STEM
-Surprising present for girls or boys

Early Development Games for Kids 3,4,5 years old .

 -You can now focus on cooking or do other chores
 -Solving problems, cultivate ideas will sharpen and wire a genius brain

Family learning games for toddlers fit to pre-kindergarten, preschoolers ages as well.
 -Stackable brain teaser sets keep your boy, girl away from addictive screens like smart phones apps
-Positive emotions engaging with stackable shapes are priceless when you cannot fail
-Playing at doctor office playground can appease painful experience children might have

You can teach your children team work, support, compassion, empathy, joy of sharing while they young.

Playing in the backyard alone with a tablet staring to the screen. He'll learn nothing never ask a question.

In addition, we back you up with 30 days return guaranty promise from the delivery day. We solve an epidemic problem in the world. Addiction to a screen. Be a part of mind evolution not a transaction



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