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? Robot Mode ?No battery required, you can detachable assembly . The Robot arms are movable, the legs and belly are reassemble as well. | ? Spinning Top Mode ?Take off the robot and just have the spinner (the body belly), rubbing the tires against the ground for several times, then turnover the car, put it on the ground, the car will spin directly. It’s also fun to put gyro on the robot's shoes after the rotating. | ? Car Mode ?Remove the two legs, robot’s belly is gyro. Turn the gyro in reverse, set the 2 black pins into the holes (Rotating 180 degrees horizontally is another effect), the car will be fixed, then you can let the car move forward or rotate through the pull back. | ? Clockwork Mode ? Across the pull string through the specific hole, the much times you wind it up, the longer it will spin. After removing the two legs, using the clockwork and the robot can rotate on the ground. You can also press the button on the back of the robot, let the gyro land as a separate toy. If you have more than one of these robots, you can let the gyro be superimposed through the round hole below the gyro. After the spinning, you can battle with your friend; this is very exciting | ? Durable and Portable ? Toys have bright colors, and material is also very nice. Once you played our multifunction spinning robot toy, you will find it is really very impressed with good quality, you will like how durable they are when it hits desk legs, sofa legs or other hard place. And this toy robot is small enough to put into the bags, so you can take it out and play outdoors. It helps improve children's ability of color recognition, hands-on ability. It can be placed at home as the decora






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