Spectra Baby USA - Premium Accessory Kit - Large / 28mm

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Use the Spectra Premium Accessory Kit to replace your original breast pump parts or to keep an extra set at work. If double pumping, please buy two. The Spectra Breast Shield Accessory Kit is great for our Spectra pumps when needing replacement parts in a set. Spectra recommends replacing your parts every 3-6 months for optimal use. If you are needing a full set of replacement parts or want to have an extra set on hand for home or work this kit is for you and your S2, S1, 9 Plus or M1 pumps. Spectra Baby USA is a top leading breast pump company offering moms the latest innovative breast pumps and supplies. Spectra Baby USA is a team of lactation consultants and pumping mamas that take this journey very seriously. They want to help provide moms all around the world access to a good quality pump to provide breast milk for their babies.


Includes: One of each of the following, wide neck flange 28mm, backflow protector, tubing and white duckbill valve, 5 oz (160 ml) wide neck bottle with bottle cap, collar ring and sealing disk; if double pumping, please buy two | Replacement parts: This kit is great for moms who need replacement parts for their Spectra breast pump | Breast pump compatibility: This kit can be used with Spectra S1 plus, Spectra S2 plus, Spectra 9 Plus Plus, and Spectra M1 | Mommy owned: Spectra Baby USA is owned and run by registered nurses, board certified lactation consultants, and more importantly… by moms









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