St. Mege Rapid Reduction Eye Cream - Under-Eye Bags Treatment - Instant Results within 120 Seconds - Fights Wrinkles and Fine Lines - Reduces Appearance of Dark Circles

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Within 2 minutes, REDUCE UNDER-EYE BAGS and WRINKLES & THE APPEARANCE OFFINE LINES with St. Meges Rapid Reduction Eye Cream so you can get the YOUTHFUL and BEAUTIFUL SKIN you e been looking for.Our Product Benefits- SEE RESULTS WITHIN 120 SECONDS- Rapidly reduces UNDER-EYE BAGS- Reduces appearance of DARK CIRCLES- Delays production of WRINKLES- Reduces FINE LINES- Improves PORES- Enhances SKIN texture- Restores YOUTHFUL and BEAUTIFUL skinEasy-to-Use, Simple Directions!1. Squeeze out a pea size amount of eye cream and use your fingerprints to apply on the eye bags.2. Pull toward the temple. Don rub back and forth.3. After applying this product, do not change your facial expression for 2 minutes.You can achieve satisfactory results in smoothing eye bags and crow feet.4. Depending on individual skin conditions, continue to maintain your facial expression for 3-8 minutes to solidify the effect.Tips to Get Maximum ResultsBecause this eye cream is on the drier side, there are two tips to achieve better absorption:1. After fully moisturizing with toner, squeeze the eye cream out on your middle finger, dip it into clean water, then apply to the eye bag.2. Mix with toner and apply then apply the mixed eye cream evenly.Customer Care - Have any issue, questions, or feedback, message us anytime!


UNDER-EYE & DARK CIRCLES TREATMENT: Our rapid reduction eye cream has the power to treat your under-eye bags and dark circles to reduce their appearance. | FIGHTS WRINKLES & FINE LINES: Not only does it treat under-eye bags and dark circles, it also fights against fine lines and wrinkles to give you the youthful and beautiful skin you want. | INSTANT RESULTS: Get visible results in just 120 seconds! You’ll be able to reduce your eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines in just two minutes. WOW. | INGREDIENTS: Our eye cream contains a variety of herbal ingredients, which can effectively remove eye bags and dark circles, delay the production of wrinkles and fine lines, improve pores and enhance skin texture to restore youthful and beautiful skin. | EASY-TO-USE: Through just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to achieve effective results. No need to follow a multiple-step system or use a special machine. Check out the directions below!





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