Star Right First Words Flash Cards with Realistic Art, 36 Cards, with 1 Ring, for Ages Pre-K & K

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Star Right First Words Flash Cards with Realistic Art, 36 Cards, with 1 Ring, for Ages Pre-K & K Flashcards are a proven method to help improve learning. The old saying of practice makes perfect applies here. Our engaging cards and colorful images make for a recipe of fun! Flashcards are a wonderful method of learning because they can be used in a group, or individually. Create interactive games of your own, from memory to matching! Use the art to stay interactive and associate the images with the words clearly written at the bottom of each card. Our package of first words flash cards includes 36 cards and a handy binder ring to keep all the cards organized and travel-ready. Star Right has a proven track record of excellent educational products. Check out all our product reviews! Thousands of families across the country trust us to engage and educate children using fun and enjoyable methods. InterestedJust scroll up, throw it in your cart, and, in a few short days, youl be learning and enjoying!


GET ORGANIZED: The deck of flashcards comes with a binder ring that can easily be slipped through the hole punched cards, making sure that no card becomes lost, flipped over, or out of order. It makes traveling easy and fun! | PLAY GAMES: Flashcards make it easy for learning your child’s first words to be a fun and exciting game, whether in school, at home, or on the go! Reinforce memory and comprehension by helping your child associate the image with the word. You can even get creative and use the flash cards to make stories on the fly. | REALISTIC ART: These flash cards are the perfect hand-held size with large, clear and bold fonts so it easy to see even from afar. The colorful and realistic art makes it exciting and practical for teaching your child. | PACKAGE INCLUDES: 36 “first word” cards with one binder ring. Each card has features a specific image, with the image clearly labeled at the bottom of each card. Made for age groups Pre-k & k. | ABOUT US: The team behind Star Right knows the importance of education, and wants your child to develop by using new and exciting techniques of learning. We believe that fun and learning go hand-in-hand, and have made our products in this reflection.









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