Star Right Magnetic Letters and Numbers - 104 Educational Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets for Vocabulary, Sentence Building and Math Skills Includes Uppercase, Lowercase and Math Symbols

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Star Right Magnetic Letters and Numbers, 104 Pieces, 26 Uppercase, 56 Lowercase, 20 Numbers, 6 Mathematical Symbols for Vocabulary, Sentence Building, and Math Skills Turn A.B.C. into A.R.T.! Star Right combined creativity and education to design the perfect way for kids to develop an elementary sense of both the alphabet and mathematics! With our magnetic letter set your children have an interactive way to stay connected to both math and vocabulary through color association and shape recognition. Among many things, our set promotes basic math skills, sentence building, vocabulary, and punctuation. Kids get the chance to actually feel the shape of all the letters and numbers, enhancing their progressive sentence forming and problem-solving skills. Our letters, made with eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, can comfortably fit in their tiny hands, yet are large enough to be safe from choking. Inspire a world of color, creativity, and learning!


VOCABULARY SKILLS: Combine 26 uppercase letters and 56 lowercase letters into vocabulary words, and practice sentence building along with punctuation uses. | MATHEMATICAL SKILLS: Take a break from vocabulary and practice counting, as well as simple addition and subtraction, with 20 numbers and 6 mathematical symbols. | COLORFUL AND MAGNETIC LETTERS: Perfect for a refrigerator, easel, or anything with magnetic capabilities. Let your child watch their vocabulary displayed proudly. Each colorful letter fits comfortably in a small child’s hand, yet is large enough to be safe from choking. | ECO-FRIENDLY, NON-TOXIC, FOAM LETTERS and NUMBERS: All of our materials are non-toxic and completely safe for both your child and the environment! | EASY STORAGE: Star Right makes it easy to have fun on the go! Our alphabet storage container has twist-off lid and a handle, making clean up and travel simple for all involved.









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