Staunton Chess Pieces by GrowUpSmart with Extra Queens | Size: Large - King Height: 3.5 inch | Wood

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Make Your Best Move with Our Gorgeous Staunton Style Chess Pieces. Choose from 4 sized sets of chess pieces with the following specifications. SMALL, King height: 2.5 inches. Search for B07F618YJT MEDIUM, King height: 3 inches. Search for B07F5W7DXC LARGE, King height: 3.50 inches. Search for B07F5WKQX4 X-LARGE, King height: 4 inches. This product (B07F5ZG3N7) Professional look. Beautiful design. Each chess piece is crafted in the historic and classic Staunton design. Regal and majestic, they are crafted in wood of beautiful brown and white and coated with varnish for a rich look and feel. These chess pieces are standard for tournament play. Rugged and durable, these chess pieces can be enjoyed for years to come. Designed to withstand years of blitz play, friendly games or serious tournament competition. Perfect for school, club, home and tournament use. Take them anywhere in the convenient cotton travel pouch.


STAUNTON WOOD CHESS PIECES – When it comes to the game of chess, players the world over love the Staunton style. It’s the design of choice for tournament play and high-ranking players. The Staunton chess set is the standard for chess play and is the style to be used for competitions. This is the Large version of our series of chess pieces with a height of the king measuring 3.5 inches. See the size selection guide in the images to find your correct size. | EXTRA QUEENS INCLUDED FOR EASY PAWN PROMOTION. One extra white and one extra black queen are included in your package. This allows you to swap your pawn to an actual queen piece during gameplay. Handy and convenient! Sets consists of 32 pieces in total + two extra queens! They are perfectly weighted and balanced and meet the World Chess Federation's (FIDE) height and proportions standards for tournament play. Each set comes in a white cotton bag for storage of the pieces. | EXACT PROPORTIONS & MEASUREMENTS – This is our LARGE size with a King height of 3.5 inches. This series of chess pieces is available in four different sizes. To help you choose the right size for your needs, see our Size Selector Guide in the image section with details of all sizes and measurements including circumference, diameter and weight of the Kings. (Board is not included when you order). | PERFECTLY BALANCED & WEIGHTED – You will immediately see and feel the quality of these chess pieces. Perfectly weighted, when you make a move you will feel that these pieces are graceful. Our LARGE and X-LARGE versions of pieces meet the United States Chess Federation (USCF) and World Chess Federation (FIDE) height, weight and proportion standards for tournament play. Perfect for school, club, home and tournament use. | WILL LAST A LIFE TIME - If you are looking for chess pieces that will last for many years at an affordable price, look no further. Made with everyday use in mind our chessmen are tough and durable. Designed to withstand years of blitz play, relaxing friendly games or serious tournament competition, these chess pieces can be enjoyed for years to come.









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