Storybook Toys for 2 Year Old Boy - Toddler Construction Toy Trucks for 2 Yr Old Boys - Push & Pull Cars for Two Year Olds - Educational Play Set for Kids Age 1, 2, 3 - Learning Toys for 1 Year Old

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Put A Wide Smile On A Kid's Face!

Are you looking for an easy to use and durable construction toys set for your toddler

Is your nephew, son, or pupil's birthday round the corner and you're in search of an educational play set

Storybook Toys by Jim & Joy Has Released An Irresistible Construction Vehicles Set!

Enough with the cheaply-made cranes and trucks that easily break! No need to spend a fortune on expensive remote control cars that soon end up in the toy basket!

We created a fantastic small vehicles set, accompanied by a colorful storybook that will entertain and educate your little boy or girl.

An Indoor & Outdoor Toy Set!

Let your kids play in the privacy of their room, on the sand, in the playground or the nursery school classroom!

Your toddler will pull the 4 construction toys back and then watch them go fast, on the most fascinating ride.

Boost Your Toddler's Development!

Help your children cultivate their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cooperation, patience, imagination and creativity, while pushing and pulling Bret the bulldozer, Dusty the dump truck, Caesar the cement truck and Tracy the tractor.

A Precious Addition To Your Kids' Bookshelf!

As a unique novelty, we have added to your 4-piece push and pull mini vehicles a unique Storybook, to teach your kid hard work - the fun way!

Written by accomplished author Brett Oliver Parson, this amazing book rhymes like a Dr. Seuss and is colorful like a Disney Classic!

An Absolutely Safe Play Set!

Made of sturdy, non toxic materials, our construction toys are 100% safe for children aged 2 or older.

So, What Are You Waiting For Order Your Set Today Risk-Free!

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