Strong/Soft Diaper Sprayer with Pressure Control Valve/Handheld Diaper Sprayer for Toilet/Bidet Toilet Sprayer - Perfect Bottom Cleaner/Personal Hygiene with The Private Bidet Sprayer

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8 Reasons People LOVE Our Bidet Sprayer, Number 7 will Make You Blush! 1) Saves Toilet Paper - Seriously wiping your butt or childs butt with toilet paper is highly inefficient.The baby diaper water sprayer or bum gun is the way to go! 2) Clean Cloth Diapers Like Nothing Else Can - Cloth diapering parents no need to dunk and swish any longer. Thousands are using the cloth diaper sprayer to wash away the poop down the John. 3) Adjustable Pressure Valve for Pure Comfort - Whether you love a strong spray on your privates or prefer a gentler cleanse, this bidet sprayer has an adjustable pressure valve, so you can get the spray that hits the spot. 4) Best Pet Shower - Pet parents everywhere are finding pet bath time turns into spa time! Dogs and other pets love the gentle flow of water from this supreme pet bidet. 5) Ideal for Elderly/Seniors - Its no joke when you get old you might not be able to wipe yourself. Anyone who lives with elderly people understands that our handheld bidet sprayer is a lifesaver. 6) Feminine Hygiene - Whether it's menstrual bleeding, or postpartum bleeding/ super sore lady parts - Hundreds of women LOVE the feel of a cool jet of water to soothe and wash their lower region. 7) Cleaning up After Love Making - Seriously all those bodily fluids can make you feel a little gross. Cleaning up with our bidet shattif will help you feel clean and avoid UTIs. 8) Perfect Potty Cleaner! - Oh, the joys of potty training/toilet training. When your little one has made a number 2 in the potty, the only way to clean it out without getting your hands dirty is with this #1 diaper washer sprayer! 100% Money Back Guarantee Efficient, Luxurious Butt Cleaning, Starts Today! Scroll Up, Click Add to Cart


?? #1 BIDET SPRAYER WITH DUAL PRESSURE CONTROL – Spray your own bottom, pets or cloth diapers with a nice gentle rinse or strong jet spray. Depending on the situation you can adjust the pressure valve on the bidet shattaf sprayer to your needs. Our personal hygiene bidet will leave your nether regions, or pets squeaky clean! | NO LEAKS FROM THE HANDHELD BIDET SPRAYER ATTACHMENT - Once your diaper shower sprayer/ diaper sprayer for toilet has been correctly installed it can be shut off completely preventing any leaks. Our handheld sprayer uses a t-adapter handle to turn the water supply on/ off. Our ONE HAND OPERATION AND NO LEAK diaper sprayer bidet makes clean up a breeze! | ?? SUPER FAST INSTALLATION – NO PLUMBER NEEDED – Anyone can set up their cloth diapers sprayer in 10 minutes! No plumber, drilling or holes needed. The water diaper sprayer with pressure control simply attaches to the clean water toilet hose. If you want this toilet bowl water spray to have a hot water supply, you can get a plumber to install a hot/cold mixer attachment. | ?? GETS RID OF POOP LIKE NOTHING ELSE CAN - No more dunk and swish, just rinse off soiled diapers using our potty sprayer/diaper washer. Use the strong jet for those extra gross poop explosions. This is the best toilet and bidet combo to use with a diaper spray shield such as "spray pal". Also, hundreds of mothers have used our bidet sprayer shattaf for feminine hygiene and postpartum perennial irrigation/ cleaning. | ?? ALL COMPONENTS INCLUDED - SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Includes toilet bidet shower head, 3-way T-valve adapter, flexible 5ft stainless steel hose, bracket and hook to attach to the toilet tank. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the baby washer/ bidet sprayer for toilet/ bidet toilet bowl/hand held bidet spray you will get your MONEY BACK, no questions asked!









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