Super Duper Publications Webber Photo Phonology Final Consonant Deletion Minimal Pair Card Deck Educational Learning Resource for Children

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After all these years, our customers continue to request minimal pair cards with "real" pictures! Indeed, research shows that many children respond better to photos than to illustrations.

Webber Photo Phonology Minimal Pair Cards emerged from three long and crazy months of rounding up children, grown-ups, cows, pigs, chickens, and other assorted items for the largest photo shoot ever at Super Duper!

Photo Phonology "Final Consonant Deletion" Minimal Pair Cards have 52 one-of-a-kind photos that your children will love! The pictures will make you smile, and so will the packaging! The cards are in a beautiful, colorful tin with a hinged lid! Imagine that...NO broken boxes, NO lost lids!

Final Consonant Deletion cards help children who leave off the last sound in a word (e.g., boat becomes boo).

They feature:
- 52 gorgeous photo cards (2 ½" x 3 ½") - 28 Minimal Pairs
- Content and game idea cards
- Packaged in a sturdy storage tin

Webber Photo Phonology Minimal Pair Cards are also sold on Amazon as a set of 10 card decks which target these phonological processes:
-Final Consonant Deletion, Fronting, Stopping, Cluster Reduction, Stridency Deletion,
-Gliding, Prevocalic Voicing, Postvocalic Devoicing, Initial Consonant Deletion, Nasalization


52 vivid photo cards (2 1/2" x 3 1/2") - 28 Minimal Pairs | Includes sturdy storage tin, content cards, and game ideas | Educational - Helps children practice word pairs that vary by one sound (e.g., bow/boat, tea/team) | Over 30 Super Duper Publications Apps available on the Amazon Appstore for Android | You might also enjoy our other "Photo Phonology Minimal Pair" Card Decks - also featured on Amazon



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