Super Fluffy Slime - Best Cloud Slime for Kids - Scented Slime for Kids- Pre-Made Slime kit Comes with Charms and Slime Supplies (Frooty Loops Scented) 10 oz Jumbo Pack Made in USA

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Frooty Toots cloud slime. Unicorn Snot Company slime's are manufactured right here in the USA. Our cloud slime is so satisfying to play with its light and fluffy and stretches oh so good! ( BEWARE ) Most slimes are manufactured In CHINA where regulation and child safety is not their main concern.This product contains glue, fragrance, unscented lotion and borax. Do not eat. Not recommended for children under ages 5.


NON STICKY CLOUD SLIME: So Satisfying To Play With! Drizzle Stretch Squish And Pop! | SMELLS AMAZING: Just like our favorite fruity cereal: Perfect For Birthday Parties Kids Will Have A Blast With Unicorn Slime! | STRESS RELIEF TOY: De-stress With The Best Perfectly light and fluffy slime it will make your unicorn snot dreams come true! Be sure to checkout our other slimes. | OUR SLIME IS MADE IN THE USA VS CHINA: Our Cloud Slime is manufactured right here in the USA do not be fooled by other slimes that are mostly manufactured in china with who knows what ingredients. | SAFETY FIRST: Our Slime contains small amounts of borax (activator), unscented lotion, and fragrance. Please do not use if you have any Allergy. Recommended ages 5 and up.









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