Super Precision Gyroscope - 12,000 rpm includes free electric motor starter spinning top dynamically balanced toy (gimbal kit not included)

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The Super Precision Gyroscope has been designed and built to the highest precision from the very start, made from solid brass with a light-weight aluminium frame. Carefully chosen stainless-steel miniature ball bearings allow it to run smoothly and almost silently. The gyroscope operates up to 12,000 revolutions per minute using the provided electric motor and battery pack. The motor can be fastened to the gyroscope with two screws providing hours of use or it can be used briefly to start it and detach. The gyroscope comes with a number of attachments allowing numerous configurations to perform scientific, educational or simply mesmerising experiments. The gyroscope comes with 2 x 50 mm long stainless steel extension rods, 2 x ball ends, 1 x slotted end. The rods when screwed together will extend 100mm, they can be screwed in other positions to create gimbals etc. 7 places on the frame of gyroscope that the attachments can be screwed into. Electric motor and battery pack. Batteries are not included. Does not include the gimbal add-on kit. Quickly and easily started with the INCLUDED motor 12,000 rpm (Faster than a pull cord gyroscope) High speed mini ball bearings Computer balanced to an impressive 250th of a gram accuracy Latest version has had the 'Spin time' (without motor) increased to 25 minutes from 7 minutes. Very high precision manufacture Interchangeable attachments for different experiments Electric motor can be detached SOLID brass disk Stainless steel shaft Ideal for demonstrations at colleges & universities Efficient motor for hours of use Executive 'toy' Designed and built in Britain 24 page manual Worldwide manufacturer support AND replacement parts Manufacturer technical support ANY concerns about the product PLEASE, PLEASE contact manufacturer directly (not Amazon).


FREE 12,000 rpm MOTOR --- The latest high speed motor provides increased forces | QUALITY JAPANESE BEARINGS --- High speed high-grade miniature ball bearings for long spin times | COMPUTER BALANCED --- The solid brass disk is machined to a few microns and then computer balanced to 250th of a gram | NUMEROUS ATTACHMENTS --- Modular design and Interchangeable stainless steel attachments allows for many experiments. | ONLY GENUINE SELLER ON AMAZON --- This is only genuine authorised listing on Not a copy. Designed, made and balanced in England. Comes with full colour manual. Meets all safety standards including CE marking



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