Tacobear 96PCS Spa Party Supplies for Girls Multiple Spa Party Favors for Kids Including 12 Tote Bags, 24 Emery Boards,12 Colored Hair Clip Braids, 24 Toe Separators, 12 Pink Spa Masks 12 Unicorn Nail Decal Sets

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Spa Party Supplies for Girls: Come with 6 sets of Spa party supplies in total of 96 pieces, including 12 pieces of tote bags, 24 pieces of toe separators, 24 mini emery boards, 12 colorful hair braids clips, 12 pieces of eye mask and 12 pieces of unicorn nail stickers. | Spa Party Tote Bags: Rose red tote bags with rich quantity and beautiful color, which can meet different people's preferences, perfect for all pretty girls to carry; Mini Emery Boards and Toe Separations: Random colored emery boards and pink toe separations are suitable for girls to use; | Eye Mask: You can enjoy your sleeping with this rose red eye mask, or just have fun in the party, suitable for children and adults to use; Colorful Hair Braids: 6 varied colors, bright and beautiful accessories to decorate your hair, making yourself immersed in the party atmosphere. | Unicorn Nail Stickers: With cute unicorn patterns, perfect for decorating your nails, mobile phones and so on. Let your kids enjoy the fun of DIY nail art craft, a perfect unicorn birthday party favours for girls. | Spa Party Favors for Girls: Sufficient quantity for your girls to play and share with their friends; They are ideal Spa party supplies, party rewards, nice gifts for your kids.





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