TattooYou Jeweled Rose Temporary Tattoo for Women - Finest Quality Black Temporary Sternum Tattoo - Hand Drawn Design by Tim Hendrix & Alysha Nett - 6.25 by 5 Inches

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Have you always wanted a sternum tattoo, but didn't want to commitThis gorgeous temporary underboob rose tattoo is the perfect addition to any sexy look, perfect for the beach or music festival! This large floral design was a part of a collaboration between famous tattoo artist, Tim Hendricks, and model Alysha Nett. The Jeweled Rose temporary tattoo measures 6.25" x 5" and rests perfectly below your breasts when applied. All TattooYou designs have been expertly designed by the world's most famous tattoo artists allowing anyone to experience the fun of having a high-quality tattoo! Items Included: 1 x large rose flower greyscale temporary tattoo (6.25"x5") FAST AND EASY TO APPLY: STEP 1: Your skin should be clean, dry, and free of lotion, oils, and makeup before application STEP 2: Remove the clear, protective top sheet STEP 3: Using the ghosted image on the back to help guide you, press the tattoo firmly onto your skin STEP 4: Hold a wet cloth against the back of the tattoo STEP 5: Press firmly and make sure to wet it thoroughly STAY ABSOLUTELY STILL FOR BEST RESULTS STEP 6: Wait 30 seconds and slowly peel off the paper backing STEP 7: Gently rinse the image with water STEP 8: Allow the temporary tattoo to dry before touching or covering with clothing How long will my tattoo lastYour temporary tattoo will last an average of seven days or more, depending on where you have placed it, and how you treat it. Avoid rubbing or washing the area excessively and don't use oil-based creams such as sunblock. How can I remove my tattooTo remove your temp tattoo, scrub with cold water, cream or baby oil. For a quicker removal, rub your design with alcohol.


REALISTIC TEMPORARY ROSE TATTOO: Turn heads with the Jeweled Rose Temporary Tattoo, a lifelike grayscale temp tattoo for the underboob or sternum measuring 6.25" x 5" | DESIGNED BY FAMOUS TATTOO ARTIST: Created by artist Tim Hendricks, this large, hand-drawn flower design is an affordable and pain-free alternative to a real tattoo and can last up to seven days or more! | EASY TO APPLY NON-TOXIC INK: All our tattoo stickers are safe for all skin types and meet strict FDA standards. Apply in 10-20 seconds! | THE BEAUTY OF FRESH INK WITHOUT COMMITMENT: Nobody will believe it's a fake tat! Apply these temporary tattoo stickers in seconds for a 100% regret-free alternative. Perfect for parties, concerts, festivals, and more. | TEMPORARY TATTOOS FOR REAL ART LOVERS: TattooYou prides itself in creating non-permanent tattoos with high artistic quality with 0% commitment. Discover our wide range of art styles, imagery, and types of body art temporary designs that look oh so real!

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