Teak Tuning Bubble Bushings, Professional Shaped Fingerboard Tuning, Teal/Orange Signature Swirl, Pack of 5

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Bubble Bushings are high performance fingerboard bushings that are modeled after realistic skateboard bushings. Each bushing is handmade in Upstate New York by fingerboarders, for fingerboarders.

Made from a high quality material that is responsive, durable, and tear resistant.

Each pack includes 5 teal/orange Bubble Bushings and a free Teak Tuning sticker. This will set up 2 fingerboard trucks (2 per truck) plus a spare bushing.

Compatible with all fingerboard trucks including Tech Deck trucks, Blackriver Trucks, Dynamic Trucks, Y-Trucks, Dynamic Trucks, Broken Knuckle trucks, Flatface Dump trucks, and all other fingerboard trucks.

Recommended for use on loose or medium tightness trucks.

Do not overtighten the nut on the tuning.



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