Temporary Tattoos Kit, Semi Permanent Tattoo Freehand Bottle (Organic Jagua Fruit Based) with Special Design Tattoo Stencils,Diy Fake Freckles 3 Bottles(Black/Red/Brown)

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Color Feature- rown show light orange in first and get darker brown in 24 hours. Before you buy, please just spend a minute to read the description! How it works The color dye molecule is mixed with an Jagua juice, creating a paste. When the paste is applied, it penetrates the skin, bonding to the keratin protein. 30 min later when the dried paste is removed, it leaves a stain in the skin. This stain lasts for 3-5 days and then it fade with the skin metabolism. -------------------------------------------------------- Features -Opaque semi-fluid tattoos gel/paste.Black is more viscous, red color is more fluid. -100% real natural Jagua juice based, -free/ No PPD. -The color will naturally recedes in about 5 days. -You can also use Alcohol to remove it. Prolonged exposure to water accelerates tattoo fading. -Product expiration date, we recommended that should be used up within 3-4months after opening the bottle, no more than 6 months. -------------------------------------------------------- Main Ingredients - Basic ingredients: Water, Guaga juice, Wheat germ oil - Add ingredients: DNA hydrolysate, Glycerol, Anti-coagulant, Other dyes (cochinilla ect. ) --------------------------------------------------- Multiple Colors Color are available in BeeFly store : 1. Black- should be the most popular colors for people 2. Dark Red - close to the wine red and suitable for women who wants some beautiful colors 3. Green- the color of green leaves, trees, expressing youth and vitality. If you paint a red flower on your skin, maybe also with a green leaf. 4. Brown- contains the purest natural Jagua juice, with very little pigment added, not vivid and will show a fascinating reddish brown on skin the next day after use Please allow that the color may be slightly different from the picture.


Color Feature- Brown show light orange in first and get darker brown in 24 hours. Before you buy, pleas spend a minute to read the description! | 3 Bottle, Easy to Operate, No Waste. The package contains all the accessories to make a tattoo. | Freehand Bottled - Metal needle tip allows for highly detailed designs and create your own tattoos. | Product Feature - 100% real natural Jagua juice based material ,?n-free/ No PPD, opaque semi-fluid tattoos ink.Dark color comes from the natural pigment addition, and will recede in about 3-5 days. | Seller Service - Unconditional return and full refund within 7 days.I can't that you are completely satisfied with our products, but I 100% assured after-sales service for you. If you have any questions, please contact me, I will give you a satisfactory answer or a full refund.



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