The Army Painter Battlefields Basing Set - Wargamers Terrain Model Kit for Miniature Bases and Dioramas with Landscape Rocks, Scenic Sand, Static Grass, Grass Tufts and Free Basing Glue

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You want to add details and realism to the bases of your miniatures, military diorama or wargaming terrainAnd you are searching for something life-like and easy to applyDon search anymore. The Army Painter Battlefields Basing Set can provide the best addition to your terrain materials. The basing materials are very easy to apply. All you need is glue the base, drybrush and dip into the box with preferred basing. The Summer Undergrowth bushes should be shaped with fingers and fixed to the base. For the Swamp Tufts, you may use tweezers and Super Glue. High Quality, Affordable Price! The Army Painter Battlefields Basing Kit is an all-in-one set of the most wanted basing materials for wargamers. Carefully selected, they will provide everything necessary for building and customizing any model base, miniature terrain or diorama. Basing Materials Included: 1. Basing Glue, 50ml, FREE; 2. Battlefield Rocks; 3. Brown Battleground; 4. Battlefield Snow; 5. Battlefield Field Grass; 6. Summer Undergrowth; 7. 35 Swamp Tufts; 8. The Army Painter Technique Painting Guide. With The Army Painter Miniature Basing Set, you don need to choose between price and quality because you have them both. The high-quality basing materials with FREE Basing Glue in a set cost less than if you buy them one by one.


ALL NEEDED FOR YOUR MINIATURE BASING PROJECTS - The Army Painter set of the most wanted model basing materials contains everything necessary to make spectacular bases in an almost endless variety. It is suitable for a beginner but can be used by advanced wargamers as well. | ACT AS A PRO! - This miniature kit includes Free Basing Glue (50 ml), Battlefield Rocks (25 ml), Brown Battleground (25 ml), Battlefield Snow (25 ml), Battlefield Field Grass (25 ml), Summer Undergrowth (25 ml), 35 Swamp Tufts. The wargame terrain basing kit comes with The Wargamres Army Painting Guide | MINIATURE SCENERY AT ITS BEST - Every miniature basing material in this set has the well-known quality of The Army Painter. The Battlefield Rocks (made of natural cork ), the Brown Battleground (sand in 3 different sizes) and the Battlefield Snow come pre-painted and packed in reusable pots in which you can dip the glued miniature bases. The model grass and the static grass tufts are enough for more than 75 miniatures | SAVE MONEY, NOT QUALITY - This super saver miniature basing kit of high-quality base rocks, basing sand and gravel, summer undergrowth shrubberies, grass scatter flock, tufts, and glue costs less than if you buy them one by one | WHAT FOR? – Ideal for all 15mm and 28mm miniatures, military dioramas, railway sceneries, and any wargame terrain. It is the perfect gift for kids and adults interested in board games, model building, and miniature painting. What could be a better gift for a guy with such a hobby than this warhammer 40k terrain kit?



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