TINOTEEN Stem Toys Building Toys Creative Construction Building Blocks Take Apart Toy for Kids Children 552 PCS

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This building toys are suitable for 4-12 years old kid. they will enjoy its. Why LUKAT A stage to show imagination limitless and communicate with each other 552 pcs blocks, it's enough for creation. Most realistic toys of tools - Electric Drill, Wrench and Screwdriver Give the children earlier touch these tools, familiarize themselves with how to use them. The book of instructions can help you if have no idea to build in the first time. At this time, it will show your divergent thinking, from point to line, spread over a whole area from line, from whole area to three-dimensional. What can be obtained for children's education Through exploring LUKAT building blocks, kids will think about what models to build, then use spatial thinking to assemble parts blocks, so as to cultivate children's creativity, logic and hands-on ability. If succeed in creation, children will have favorite toys by themselves. Even if fail, they can have fun and reassemble to solve the problem. Give the opportunity to be designer and architect, such as building plane, truck, robot, animals and etc. Playing with adult: Enhance the feelings of family members, and create a collaborative effort to understand each other thinking to promote communication, foster tacit understanding. Thus, in dealing with things in life, it can increase family of adhesion. Playing with kids: At the time of manufacture, children can discuss how to make excellent works, so as to cultivate children's communication skills and teamwork ability, and build self-confidence after successful creation. Safe material We insist on creating a peaceful environment for kids to play without toxic, lead, phthalates and BPA FREE. A best gifts: Whether it's Christmas or birthday, or other festivals, it's the best choice.



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