Torino Pro Hybrid Medium Soft Curve Brush By Brush King - #1760 - Soft top,Medium in the middle, soft in the bottom - Great for polishing your waves and Connections - Curved brush for 360 Waves

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Give the Gift of Waving! Nothing says "I Love You" More to a Waver than the Gift of a Brush King Wave Brush. I have a selection of over 60 different 360 wave brushes for men and for all of your waving needs. That's the biggest selection of wave brushes than any other wave brush seller on Amazon! Each and every brush has its own unique purpose and benefit. Check out my entire line of Torino Pro Wave Brushes. To visit the Torino Pro store, click on the Torino Pro link above, right next to the title of this listing. Why Buy Your Wave Brushes from Brush KingSimple. You will be buying your wave brushes from a Master Wave Brush Designer and the maker of Royalty Wave Brushes. 99% of wave brush companies just slap their logo on an already existing hair brush, with no hand in the design process. I am the only one in the industry who designs his own wave brushes from start to finish, with Wavers like you in mind. While other companies settle for putting out mediocre products, the Brush King has made it a priority to give you, the customer, a different wave brush for ALL stages of waving. Have you ever felt like your old, cheap wave brush has lost its pull and you're no longer progressingLOOK NO FURTHER! Brush King has many different offerings, from extra soft to extra hard, to give you more options; any firmness of bristle you need, Brush King has available! I have different levels of soft, different levels of medium and different levels of hard so that you get exactly what you need at ANY point in your wave journey. Buy now though! Because Brush King Wave Brushes sell fast! They might not be available tomorrow due to high demand and limited supply.


TORINO PRO #1760 - This 360 curve palm wave brush is a no handle, soft-medium hybrid. The "ice cream sandwich" looking bristles are soft on the top, medium in the middle and soft at the bottom. | Introducing the Lay-Pull-Lay Method: As soon as this brush makes contact with your waves, you will feel the soft bristles laying down your waves, then the medium pulling and moving your hair, then ending the stroke with the lay by the soft bristles. It is such a unique feeling, everyone should try this brush at least once to experience different bristles working together to give you a silky smooth look. | The soft bristles will remind you of the TP660 and the medium bristles in the middle feel like the TP530. The TP1760 brush can be used on fresh cuts to a wolf and distributes the natural oils in your hair very well. Made with 100% boar bristles. | Every Torino Pro Wave Brush by Brush King brings a Hair Brush Maintenance Card inside the box that tells you how to take care of the brush to make it last. Please follow all of the instructions provided.









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