Toukan Two Keys"Muftahein" Olive Oil Soap From Nablus - 4 Pack - Unscented

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The most famous olive oil soap from Nablus, covered by countless online media outlets from all over the world. The Toukan family is one of the last remaining soap factories in Nablus and still makes castile soap using traditional methods in a historic factory, accoridng to a recipe that is 150 years old. The three natural ingredients, olive oil, water, and caustic soda are mixed in a large vat which is brought to a boil twice a day for several days. Once the slurry is ready, the soap is transferred into buckets and carried to the factory floor where the soap is poured into large slab molds. The slab is leveled and allowed to harden for weeks. The hardened slab is then lined for cutting, each bar gets stamped with the famous **Two Keys** logo using a hammer, and then the slab is cut into characteristic soap blocks. The blocks are stacked in ceiling-high columns to promote air circulation and drying for a month or more. Finally, bars are wrapped by hand--the fastest soapers can wrap up to 1000 bars per hour! Each bar weighs approximately 150 g / 5.3 oz.


THE standard Nabulsi olive oil soap. | HANDMADE and hand wrapped in the Al-Toukan factory in Nablus, Palestine. | NATURAL ingredients, free from artificial colors and preservatives. | GREAT for all skin types, including dry and sensitive skin. | VERSATILE uses include hands, face, body, and hair, as well as shaving.









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