Toysery Double 6 Color Dot Dominoes Game Set - White Dominoes 28 Piece Set Toy in Tin Case - Six Dot Dominoes Match & Educational Game

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Toysery Double 6 Color Dot Dominoes 28 Piece Game Set

Our six dot dominoes include a twenty eight piece set on thick plastic dominoes. Dominoes come in a collectors tin for storage. Children will love the feel of the dominoes as they complete the matching game. The dots are colored, each number has their own color, to make game play easier. When play is finished, the dominoes can be packed back into the tin for easy transport and storage.

The Perfect Gift: This is the ideal present for any diehard dominoes fan during Christmas, birthdays or any special occasion.

The stones have color dot and come in a handy tin.

The pieces can be used to play 16 different games.

Instructions for all the games are included.

Recommended for children 3 years of age and older.

Package Includes:

1x Double 6 Color Dot Dominoes Game Set


BEST QUALITY MATERIALS: The beautifully designed tiles of this double 6 dominoes set is built from a ceramic-like melamine which provides a sturdy feel with smooth edged feature for more comfort | AMUSING FOR KIDS: Apart from playing games, double 6 dominoes colored set can be used in the exciting domino show, which involves collapsing a long sequential line of tiles that eventually looks fantastic | ENTERTAINING AND EDUCATIONAL: The Double 6 dominoes sets have the right number of dominoes tiles for a newbie to learn this amazing game. Undoubtedly, this game set can be the best example of learning with fun | STURDY STORAGE TIN: This colored dominoes set comes packed into a robust storage container for high portability, easy storage and regular cleanup | STYLISH DESIGN: Dominos double 6 game set inherits a unique classical look. The light weight set is perfectly balanced for an interesting family fun game!









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