Travel Soap Case by Carry-Dri- Specially Designed Vents That Lets Bar Soap Dry And Doesn't Leak - For Home School Gym Travel Hiking - Patented Design - Blue

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Use bar soap when you travel but don't like how it gets mushy and messyCarry-Drisolves that problem! Carry-DriTravel Soap Case lets your soap dry to prevent it from getting all mushy and messy extending soap life. The patent pending design of the Carry-DriTravel Soap Case features special vent holes that let your soap dry without leaking! No more mushy soap when you travel. How Does it WorkCarry-DriTravel Soap Case features elevated vent holes that allow air to get in and dry your soap, but prevent water from leaking out. Traditional travel soap cases are designed to be completely sealed, with the intention of preventing any leakage. The problem is that also prevents your soap from drying. In reality, wet soap doesn't have that much liquid water, so why seal up the whole caseCarry-Driis designed to just capture the small amount of water from wet soap by using elevated vent holes placed a small distance from the outside of the case. Great Design And Great Quality Too! The best designed travel soap case in the world also has great quality. Carry-Driis constructed with durable ABS plastic, not the cheaper materials seen in low end cases. Also, Carry-Driincorporates a silicone ring seal to make the case cover leak-proof, a solid hinge and a robust latch to give years of service. Specifications: Material: ABS Inside Dimensions: 2.4"(60 mm) x 3.8"(97 mm) x 1.5" (38 mm) Outside Dimensions: 3.6"(92 mm) x 5.4"(137 mm) x 1.6"(40 mm) Weight: 3.0oz (85 grams) Satisfaction or Your Money Back If you're not completely satisfied with our product for any reason, return it within 30 days for a full refund. Get Yours Today! Get the best travel soap case in the world by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button on this listing.


Patent pending design features vent holes to let your soap dry without leaking | Durable long lasting construction including heavy duty hinge; ABS body material which stands up to impact and wear and tear | Holds most standard bar soap; including body bars, shampoo bars, organic bars, natural soap bars or homemade bars | Silicone seal on lid to prevent leakage; vent holes allow air flow to dry soap preventing it from becoming mushy; allowing soap to dry after use extends soap life | 100% Satisfaction ; our travel soap case is backed by our manufacturer 30 day





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