TRESemmé TRES Two Aerosol Hair Spray Extra Hold,Travel Size,1.5 oz(Pack of 3)

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Need hold that really lastsTry TRESemmà© TRES TWO Extra Hold Hair Spray with extra flyaway control to achieve maximum hold on anything from elegant to everyday styles. Hairstyles take time, so securing them in place with a strong hold is essential for lasting control. One of the best options is our TRES Two Extra Hold Collection because its humidity-resistant formula is designed for ultimate control. Plus, it never sticky or tacky and sprays on dry. With our TRES Two Extra Hold hair spray you can achieve maximum hold and tame flyaways without settling for stiffness-only water-free, humidity-resistant flexible hold. Step 1: Create your style with your favorite TRESemmà© shampoo, conditioner and styling products. Step 2: Hold in place with TRESemmà© TRES TWO Extra Hold Hair Spray, spraying section-by-section, 10-12 inches away from hair. Step 3: For stronger hold, layer more spray exactly where you want more control. For ultimate body fullness, flip hair upside down and spray all over. Our TRESemmà© TRES TWO Extra Hold Hair Spray works great after styling with TRES Two styling products. Our TRESemmà© TRES TWO Extra Hold Hair Spray achieves maximum hold for your style with extra flyaway control.


Maximum Hold | Leaves no stiffness or stickiness | Waterfree, humidity-resistant









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