Ultimate Science Borax Slime Activator-16oz Solution. Made in The USA. Works with All Glue Types- Elmer's, PVA, White, Clear, Glitter. Better Than Contact Solution or Laundry Detergent

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Ultimate Science Borax Slime Activator is the perfect solution to get kids experiment with slime! The Borax solution is 4% borax (also know as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate) and 96% water. We take the guess work of mixing borax powder and water and our activator makes the perfect formula to make your slime stretchy but not rubbery! Borax links strands of PVA polymer (ingredients you find in the glue you are using) together. While doing this, water is trapped and held, and a new chain of polymers is created. Slime is a super fun way to learn about the science of polymers. There are many different kinds of polymers. They are made differently and have different textures & properties. Wood, starch, rubber, cotton, wool, hair, spiderswebs, silk, leather, muscles and fingernails are all examples of polymers that are made in nature. Man-made polymers, or synthetic polymers, are materials such as polyester, polystyrene, polyethylene, teflon, nylon and polyvinyl alcohol. Fibers in clothing, shoe soles,rubber tires and plastic food containers are all polymers. Poly means many. Mer is a short for onomerand means one part. Polymer means many parts. Polymers are many molecules (two or more atoms stuck together) that are joined together like long chains. Think of one molecule as a paper clip, and the polymer as a chain you make attaching paper clips to each other. If you pick up one paper clip in the chain, the whole chain comes up! All things, or substances, are made of matter. You probably learned at school the normal states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. The gel slime you make is a substance that acts like something between a solid and a liquid. Use our perfect magical formula of slime activator to make your own slime like youtube starts and instagram famous slimers! Our Borax solution is also available in every slime kit by Ultimate Science, a Baby Mushroom Brand.


The Perfect Slime Every Time! Better than contact solution and baking soda, better than laundry detergent! | Ready to use! All-in-one formula is the perfect balance of borax powder and water. A ready made solution-just add to your glue mixture! | Convenient 16oz squirt bottle-no need to measure-just add a few drops at a time until you get your desired slime consistency (gooey, stretchy, fluffy, cloud, satisfying) | Made in the USA! You can trust our activator to be washable, safe and nontoxic formula using the best ingredients and safe manufacturing facility within the US!









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