Unicorn Balloon Garland Arch Kit 16ft Long 131Pcs Pastel Rainbow Balloons Birthday Party Centerpiece Decorations for Girls Kids

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Unicorn rainbow balloons package kit super easy to make BALLOON GARLAND or ARCH looks gorgeous. Just take 30 minutes to assemble easily, the air will stay in balloons for along time at least 7 days. Please follow the specification to make garland or arch inside the packages. Latex Balloon Package Detail(131Pcs) * Pink: 10 25pcs,183pcs * Yellow: 10 25pcs,183pcs * Purple: 10 25pcs * Tiffany: 10 20pcs * Blue: 10 20pcs * Gold: 12 10pcs confetti balloon Balloon Garland Accessories Kit Detail * 16ft long balloon decorating strip tape: Put balloons together,it can be cut,bend and connect the balloon tape, shape them however you like. * 1pcs balloon tying tool: No more painful finger from tying balloons,super easy way to tie a lots of balloons at once. * 100 dot glue: Small strong transparent glue dot makes it easy to fill the gap of balloons with smaller balloons. * 32ft long ribbon: You may need to hang balloon garland or arches up, the ribbon will help you.


??DREAMLIKE UNICORN RAINBOW BALLOON GARLAND: Create a rainbow balloon garland or arch as a perfect backdrop at the unicorn party,your child’s face will light up with joy,when you unveil the magical wonderland of unicorn you’ve created for them. | ?? EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Provided whole balloon strip kit,follow the specification to help you make balloon garland or arch easier. Just take 30 minutes to put all of balloons together,and hang it up looks gorgeous for unicorn party backdrop decorations.The air will stay in balloons for along time at least 7 days. | ??PACKAGE INCLUDE: Latex Balloon Package (131pcs macron balloons pink yellow purple tiffany blue and gold ), Whole Balloon Garland Accessories Kit (16ft long balloon decorating strip tape + 1pcs balloon tying tool + 100 dot glue + 32ft long ribbon). | ??GORGEOUS AND COLORFUL: Unicorn rainbow balloon garland made by 6 kinds of macron balloons coordinating color combination, perfect for girls birthday party and baby shower as a photo booth backdrop decorations. | ??SATISFACTION SERVICE: Offer fast delivery and good quality, FULL REFUND or new REPLACEMENT,you can rest assured purchase.









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