Unicorn Fartz Magical Farts Noise Maker - Hilarious Fart Machine with 6 Sounds - Unique and Funny Prank Gag Gift for Kids and Adults - 6 Magic Farting Unicorn Sound Effects with Keychain Attachment

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Magic Fartz - The Most Magical Fart Noise Keychain Youe Ever Heard Have you ever eaten a rainbowThey look delicious but, as Magic Fartz the Farting Unicorn will tell you, they can cause some seriously noisy intestinal issues. After a massive meal of rainbows, he farting constantly. Fortunately for him, he absolutely loves it! We were there to capture every moment of Magic Fartz butt blasting. Sadly, we couldn capture the heady aroma of unicorn farts, but we did capture every detail of the sound so that you could carry it around in your pocket forever. Six Different Unicorn Fart Sounds - Plus A Few Words of Wisdom At the touch of a button, youl be able to create six different magical unicorn fart noises - from extra loud and extra stinky all the way to subtle and fragrant. There a unicorn fart for every occasion, and Magic Fartz likes to add his hilarious commentary too. A Great Gift For Kids - Or The Young At Heart This is absolutely perfect for kids, theyl be rolling around on the floor laughing in seconds. But let face it, youe never too old to bring the magic of unicorn farts into your life. It also a perfect gift for anyone you want to impress. Meeting a special ladyBring it along on your date! Got a job interview for an important position in the law, finance or governmentIt the ideal ice breaker! 100% Hilarity Guaranteed - Or Your Money Back If you don find this funny, we don want to be your friend. But we will give you every penny of your money back if you send it back to us. You can spend the cash on broccoli, math textbooks or something else youe likely to prefer. Bring Farting Unicorn Magic Into Your Life - Pick Up This Hilarious Keyring Today


HILARIOUS FARTING UNICORN KEYCHAIN: Magic Fartz is a very special unicorn with some serious digestive problems. He’s been eating too many rainbows and now his little unicorn guts are in trouble. Luckily we were there to capture the noises, and now we’re bringing them to you. | SIX MAGICAL FART SOUNDS: At the touch of a button, you can hear the unique sound of six different unicorn farts, with some words of wisdom sprinked in too. With Magic Fartz, there’s a magical unicorn “thunder from down under” for every occasion. | TAKE IT EVERYWHERE YOU GO: You never know when you’ll need some Magic Fartz unicorn magic in your life. With the attached keychain, you can take the joy and wonder of unicorn farting everywhere. Enjoy it while conducting major surgery, at a funeral, or while sitting in US Congress! | KIDS LOVE IT: What really delights a child? The thought of world peace? A life free of pain or worries? Winning the lottery? All of these joys fade into nothingness when compared to having unicorn farts in your pocket. With Magic Fartz, you’ll be the funniest mom, dad, uncle or aunt in the world. | 100% HILARITY GUARANTEE: If you don’t crack up laughing when you hear these magical fart noises, then we don’t know what kind of person you are, but just send it back to us and we’ll give you every penny of your money back anyway, you soulless creature









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