UNIME 12 Pack Magic Worm Toys Wiggly Twisty Fuzzy Worm Trick Toys Carnival Party Favors,6 Colors

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Material: polyester
Color: green, blue, yellow, orange, dark pink, purple
Size: approx. 8.7 x 0.7 inch
Quantity: 12 pieces
Package: box


Package quantity: come with 12 pieces magic worms toys in 6 colors,2 pieces for each color. Size: Approx. 8.7 inch*0.7 inch. | Funny to play with: Tie the tail with an invisible string and twine the worm toy on your fingers and pull the string to make it move, which will amaze your audience; twine the worm toy on a pencil and turn over the pencil without letting it fall down; it can even dance in a drinking glass, very cute for you to have much fun | Fuzzy and soft: Cute magic worm for kids and adults. It is made of soft polyester and feels very comfortable. Two eyes make it look vivid, fuzzy and soft. Very cute little magic worms that can cause the child's interest, Please stay by your children's side the first time | Colorful magic worms gift:the magic worm toys have 6 colors, green, blue, yellow, orange, dark pink, purple, vibrant and lovely to meet different people's color preferences.It makes wonderful gift for anyone, including your own cat. | Fun toys for most people: the magic worm toys look cute and eye-catching to arouse the interests of your cat and make it chasing after the toy; you can also share it with your family, friends to let them play with you together.









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