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"They get compliments when brought to the table - much more unique than a normal deck of cards!""I love the unique artwork. Nothing compares to these!""I've started collecting playing cards because of these decks. They are just stunning!"Praise for Pipmen Playing CardsWHY SHOULD YOU ORDER A DELUX BOX OF CLEVER PIPMEN CARDSStand out from the crowd with designs distinct from every other deck in the worldCreate fun at parties with the perfect deck for any gameGive as a great, astonishing & delightful gift to children & adultsBrighten up family time with interesting & engaging novelty designsHighest quality, durable card stock will make your deck last for yearsPerfect for magic, entertaining, presents, travel and gamblingThe coolest deck of cards you'll ever own100% Money Back GuaranteeFUN FACTS ABOUT OUR STICK FIGURE DESIGNS Did you know that Stickman art began in prehistoric artThousands of years later the Chinese and Egyptians used them in their linguistic symbols. That's why we couldn't resist bringing this iconic figure to a classic pastime. But we didn't just add stickmen to every card - that'd be boring! Instead we came up with unusual, quirky & funny situations for our friends and infused that humor into our artwork.OUR MOTIVATIONOur philosophy is that life is too short for boring playing cards. That's what drives us to be so innovative with all our special designs. We're on a mission to make every luxury deck functional & interesting; coveted by collectors & loved by everyone.100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you have ANY problems, please contact the email that comes with the product for a replacement or refund! Click "ADD TO CART" to add an incredible deck of premium Pipmen Playing Cards to your collection today and show it off tomorrow!


? OUR PREMIUM PLAYING CARDS MAKE THE PARTY! Get ready to enjoy your favorite card games like never before! Our custom and themed playing cards are nothing like your standard Bycicle playing cards. We believe your cards should be as unique and world-class as you are! We created our luxury Pipmen cards so that you can feel proud hosting your next poker night with these bad boys on your table. Your friends may start insisting you bring your cool Pipmen playing cards to every game night though | STUNNING DECK OF CARDS THAT BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER… Get ready to create some amazing memories with friends over poker night, or playing card games during family game night with our novelty playing cards! Our unique and stunning deck of cards are sure to make those great moments even more memorable! The interesting designs and fun scenes make winning a hand of poker, rummy, war, blackjack, or scum even more thrilling! | ? IT’S LIKE HAVING AN ACE IN YOUR POCKET! Get ready to receive admiration and tons of compliments for your high quality Pipmen deck of cards. The clever designs with the high quality printing makes these cards a game-changer for poker night. Not only do our Pipmen cards look amazing, but they feel and handle amazingly in your hand. Great for cardistry, magicians, and slight-of-hand experts to execute their tricks flawlessly! | ? WE’LL WAGER THIS MAKES A GREAT GIFT… If you are looking for the ultimate gift for game enthusiasts, then you have found a winner with our Pipmen Playing Cards! They make a unique deck of cards for collectors and professional poker players. They look stunning with the unique designs and fun scenes. Our game cards are the standard size for playing cards, and handle well. #winning | ENJOY OUR LIFETIME “ROYAL FLUSH” GUARANTEE! We took great pride and joy creating our uniquely-themed Pipmen Playing Cards. We wanted to provide professional and amateur gamers with the highest quality playing cards on the market to trump any other “hands.” We guarantee you’ll feel like the Hero of Game Night owning these cards, or your money back. Click the yellow “Add to Cart” button today, and experience a winning deck in your hand!






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