UpBrands Easter Basket Stuffers Fidget Toys Zipper Bracelets 7.5 Inches, Sensory Toys Bulk Set Neon Colors, Kit for Birthday, Party Favors for Kids, Easter Egg Fillers (24 Pack - Bi-color)

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UpBrands Friendship Fidget Zipper Bracelet Set is a 24 Pack of joy and colors! Every zipper bracelet measures 7.5 inches, which is long enough even for adults. Bracelets are packed in a highly resistant zipper bag.

You will find in your UpBrands Friendship Fidget Zipper Bracelet Pack 24 plastic zipper bracelets consisting twelve different mixes of 2 vivid colors as below:

- Two bracelets ORANGE-YELLOW

- Two bracelets PINK -YELLOW

- Two bracelets LIGHT PINK - LIGHT BLUE

- Two bracelets BLUE - PINK

- Two bracelets YELLOW - BLUE

- Two bracelets RED - YELLOW

- Two bracelets PINK - LIGHT GREEN

- Two bracelets BLUE - YELLOW

- Two bracelets LIGHT BLUE - LIGHT GREEN

- Two bracelets PINK-GREEN

- Two bracelets YELLOW - LIGHT GREEN

- Two bracelets BLACK - WHITE


UpBrands 24 Pack Fidget Zipper Bracelets Sensory Toy - an excellent kit for birthday party favors for kids. They are very popular classroom quiet fidget prizes for students and are the best school or party prizes. Children will play with these plastic bracelets and will love to share them in goody bag stuffers. These sensory toys are perfect also for killing time, anti stress, better focus, ADHD or for sensory toys for autistic children. | A must have along with all the stretchy 💀 skeletons, mochi squishy toys, 🎈 confetti balloons, bumpy glow rings, slap bracelets, puzzle cubes, mini finger gyro twister, bouncing balls, dough clay, 🍭 candy, stretchy 🦎 lizards, 🍥 cupcakes and novelty toys in 🍬 candy bags 🛍 . Be the talk of the school and neighborhood with these Friendship Fidget Zipper Bracelets. | Every zipper bracelet measures 7.5 inches, which is long enough even for adults. These cute bracelets are packed in a highly resistant zipper bag. UpBrands Fidget Zipper Bracelets 24 pack are in a wide variety of bright and vivid colors randomly placed in the package. | They are perfect even for 🎉 Party Favors, Birthday Parties, 🏕 Camping Trips, 🎃 Halloween, 🌟 Glow Party, 🎫 Concerts, 🎒 School Classroom Rewards, Best Friend Bracelets Gifts For Teens, Treasure Box, 🏆 Carnival Prizes, Pinata Toys Filler, Bath Tub Fun, 🏊 Bars and Pool Parties, 🏖 Beach Parties, 🌳 CookOut, for fill up the 🐰 Easter basket stuffers and More. Boys and Girls will just love these plastic bracelets. | UpBrands Fidget Zipper Bracelets Pack is selling in bulk, so they have an excellent unit price compared to similar toys sold in vending machines at rates of 1 dollar or more. Many people buy one order and enjoy the toys all year long for holidays, birthdays, and just for fun.









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