UpSpring Baby Walking Wings Learn to Walk Assistant, Gray, Handheld Baby Walker Harness for Babies and Toddlers

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The unique, trademarked and original Walking Wings vest easily fastens around baby's chest, helping baby learn to balance more naturally. Walking Wings is healthier for baby's shoulders and kinder on parent's back as no more bending over is needed. Walking Wings is a unique, padded-support vest that securely fastens around your baby's chest and has two adjustable straps for parents to hold while baby learns to walk.

Walking Wings eliminates the tugging and pulling on baby's arms which can result in Nursemaid's elbow-the most common orthopedic injury in children under the age of two. Use Walking Wings once your baby has good balance, can bear weight unassisted, and is clearly interested in trying to walk.

HOW TO USE WALKING WINGS Fasten the safety buckle on the back of the Walking Wings vest and tighten strap as snugly as possible for proper support. Vest should be tightened so it does not easily ride up on child. Always use the safety buckle-never depend on the hook and loop only to support the child. After fastening the vest, hold the handle straps securely while allowing your child to balance and confidently practice walking. Letting children be hands free, as Walking Wings does, will improve their balance and stability. Parents should always hold the handles with two hands. Although your baby may be eager to walk, each baby is different and using Walking Wings may take some practice. You may need to try a few times before baby is comfortable. Vest fits 19-26" (48-66cm) chest circumference.


Baby balances more naturally with hands free walking assistant. Learning to walk is now more convenient with this lightweight walker. | No tugging and twisting on little arms and fewer falls. We recommend using with a onesie or shirt to avoid any rubbing on skin. | Pediatrician Recommended for babies learning to walk (6+ months) | Reduces back pain from bending over for parents and grandparents. | Builds confidence and stability for baby and gives baby a sense of walking while preserving baby's safety









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