USB Sound Button-Make Your Own Button By Uploading Audio Files Direct - Fits 100+ Recordings Easy-Top Recordable Quality Playback-Funny Novelty Office Desk Gag Gift- BATTERY+USB CABLE INSIDE

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CREATE THE EXACT SOUND BUTTON YOU WANT With the ability to upload absolutely any MP3 or WAV sound files, you can literally make any button you want For example: Get one for the boss at work that simply says "DENIED" when pressed A button with Yoda's wisest quotes to enlighten the office A motivational button that espouses inspirational quotes One that tells people to go f$&k themselves in a variety of ways A button with all the greatest internet meme sounds One with Trump most outrageous quotes An Arnold Schwarzenegger one liner button Record you own message with a good microphone and upload it in top quality BETTER QUALITY SOUND Our buttons are loud and proud; built to the highest quality and tested before they are sent out to you By uploading direct instead of recording sounds through a cheap microphone, you also get top quality playback HUGE AMOUNT OF SPACE Other recordable sound buttons only allow 1 or 3 short recordings With our USB button, literally upload as many sounds as will fit on the device With 8mb capacity they have space for over 9 minutes of sounds CHANGE THE SOUNDS ANYTIME Keep your button fresh by simply deleting unwanted sounds and uploading new ones EXCLUSIVE SOUND CENTER ACCESS With this purchase you get access to a database with hundreds of sounds perfect for use with your button Find anything from hilarious Trump quotes to hip hop air horn sounds EASILY GET ANY SOUNDS YOU DESIRE We also show you how to record absolutely any sounds found on the Internet direct from your sound card This means absolutely no loss of quality in the sounds unlike recording them with a microphone MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE If youe not completely satisfied contact us and we will make it right


WATCH OUR PRODUCT VIDEO Easy to use just like a normal USB Drive; Simply connect to your computer via the included USB cable and drag and drop absolutely any MP3 or WAV files onto the device; Push the big red button and they play, one sound per press; Change the sounds anytime you want as much as you want | SPACE FOR 9 MINUTES OF SOUNDS Upload as many sound files as will fit on the device; With 8mb of space you could choose to upload 3 full length songs if you want or instead create one with over 100 funny sound effects 5 to 10 seconds long each in MP3 format; Or just have one hilarious sound; The choice is completely up to you | TOP QUALITY SOUND By uploading files direct via USB instead of having to record sounds through a cheap microphone like you have to with other recordable sound buttons on the market, you retain the original quality of your audio files and get much better quality playback | EXCLUSIVE SOUND CENTER ACCESS Instructions inside the box will give you access to our Exclusive Sound Center; A database with links to hundreds of hand picked funny sounds in highest recordable quality all hilariously perfect for use with your button; We also show you how to change your buttons noise level and how to get absolutely any sounds you want from any website | MAKE ANY BUTTON YOU WANT Make a talking Trump button for your desk and call out fake news at the office or create one with Yodas wisest quotes to enlighten your home; Make a Yes Queen button for fabulous moments or one full of Arnold Schwarzenegger one liners; Load it with offensive remarks or inspirational quotes; Fill it with famous memes and make it say nut or get hyped with some air horn sounds; What you make is completely up to you






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