Vault X Binder - 12 Pocket Trading Card Album Folder - 480 Side Loading Pocket Binder for TCG (Black) (Premium)

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Why Vault X/b>

The Vault-X Binder offers the best protection for your trading cards. With 200 micron thick clear pockets and a built-in layer of padding between each page, your cards are protected from dinks, dents and scrapes. Keep your cards in mint condition.

SecureA high-grade elastic strap keeps the folder secure when not in use. Side loading pockets prevent your cards from spilling out and keeps them safe during transportation. Going to a tournamentThe Vault-X Binder will keep your cards safe and secure.

Perfect DesignAt Vault-X we've worked hard to make our folder suitable for a variety of TCGs, LCGs, CCGs & other collectible cards. From double sleeved MTG cards to Panini XL football cards, our folders fit them all. MTG, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Star Wars X-Wing, WoW, Game of Thrones, Legend of the Five Rings, Force of Will, Cardfight!! Vanguard and Duel Masters.

Organise & TradeUsing a Vault-X Binder is the BEST way to store, organise and trade your cards. Make trading easier at events with a separate Vault-X binder for trades.

PVC FreeUsing PVC binders to store your cards is a big mistake. Flexible PVC contains volatile plasticizers and emits acid when it deteriorates, lifting inks from your cards and destroying their value. Our binder is made from archival-safe, acid-free non-PVC material which will keep your cards in pristine condition.

Knowledge & Customer ServiceThe Vault-X series of products are made by the guys behind MTG Vault - Professionals in their field and real life card gamers. We also believe in exceptional customer service. If you have any questions, problems or feedback please get in touch. All X-Vault products come with a 12 month guarantee.


12 pocket per page high quality trading card binder. 20 pages holding 480 cards. Made from archival-safe, acid-free non-PVC material. 12 Month Warranty from date of purchase. | PROTECT - With a lightweight padded layer built into each page the Vault-X trading card holder protects your cards from scrapes and dings keeping them in mint condition. | SECURE - Side loading pockets designed to keep your cards securely in place. High Quality elastic band fastener keeps the Vault-X trading card folder closed. No more card spills. | PERFECT DESIGN - The Vault-X binder is designed to fit a variety of cards. Compatible with Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, YuGiOh!, Star Wars X-Wing, Force Of Will, Cardfight Vanguard, WoW, Panini XL & Match Attax Football Cards along with many more. Compatible with all standard card protector sleeves, including Vault-X Card Sleeves. | SIZE - Inner Pocket Size: 2.7in x 3.8in - Folder Size: 13in x 13.8in



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