Wall Saver Baby Gate Wall Protector Protects Walls from Child Gate Damage - Makes Safety Gates More Secure - for Walk Thru Pressure Mounted Gates - Childproofing, Pet Proofing - 2 Full Size

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As parents ourselves we know that your #1 concern is your baby's safety. That's why we invented the Wall Saver. This clever item keeps your safety gates securely in place to keep your baby safe. No slipping, sliding or gates being pushed over. Our Full-Size Safety Innovations Wall Saver's over-sized pad spreads the pressure over a much larger surface area (over ten times the area of the safety gate's original pads) to make your installation more stable. There's a bonus! Our Wall Saver also protects your walls from dents, scratches and chipped paint. No more damage to your beautiful, freshly painted walls! Installation is super easy. It takes only minutes to install your safety gate, no technical or mechanical skills needed! No drilling, no screws, no messy adhesives.The Safety Innovations Wall Saver works on All Pressure Style Walk-Through Baby and Pet Gates (gates with doorways that swing open and closed). Our Wall Saver comes in a 2-pack set (one for each side of top pressure spindles)


EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR SECURE, DAMAGE-FREE MOUNTING AT TOP OF ONE PRESSURE TENSION, WALK-THROUGH BABY SAFETY GATE: Our Safety Innovations Wall Saver lets you safely install pressure mounted walk-thru baby safety gates at the top where they grip wall. | LARGER SIZE AND SUPER CUSHIONED BACKING SAVES YOUR WALLS FROM GETTING DAMAGED: Oversized pads for the top of your safety gate spreads tension over a wider area for a better, more stable fit and protects your walls from dents, holes, scratches and chipped paint. | SUPER EASY INSTALLATION: Takes only minutes to install pressure style walk-through baby and pet gates. No drilling, no screws, no tools and no messy adhesives. | VERSATILE DESIGN: Works on All Pressure Style Walk-Through Baby and Pet Gates, retractable gates, pressure fit baby gates, safety gates with doorways that swing open and closed. Use for childproofing safety gates installed in doorways, halls, at bottom of stairs.









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