Watchover Voodoo- Super Sensational Son

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Super Sensational Son is part of History & Heraldry high-quality Watchover Voodoo doll line. They have been popular good luck charms all around the world! Our caring, edgy and sometimes humorous designs are sure to make the perfect gift for family and friends who need a dose of encouragement. Each doll has its own positive, unique saying so it easy to find the perfect design for nearly every occasion. We have over 72 different designs available that make this product highly collectible.


INNOVATIVE DESIGNS: Designed by History & Heraldry – The Global Leader in Impulse Gifts. At H&H, our products are thoughtfully designed with impeccable quality. | COLLECT THEM ALL: Our Watchover Voodoo Dolls are a collection of caring, edgy & humorous designs with thoughtful messages of protection. We have over 72 unique designs available making it a great item to collect! | THE WATCHOVER MESSAGE: Each Watchover Voodoo has its own personalized message and special power to help you in everyday life. Super sensational son’s message is, "I will help you remember that the joy of life is in the journey, and don't ever forget the way home. " | HIGHLY GIFTABLE: Practical key chains attached to each doll that add a fun, personalized touch to backpacks, purses, luggage, car mirrors, and so much more. These collectible string dolls also make the perfect gift for the people in your life: friends, family, coworkers, you name it! There is a Watchover Voodoo Doll for everyone! | PERFECT SIZE AND VALUE: Each doll is cleverly attached to a colorful 6. 5 inch backing card. The doll, hanging from the key chain, is approximately 5 inches tall. The doll is a full 3. 5 inches by itself making it the perfect size to bring some good luck with you wherever you go.









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