WATINC 20 Pack Sensory Fidget Toys Set, Kawaii Squishy, Mochi Squishies, Squeeze Ball, Mesh and Marble Toy, Stretchy String, Colorful Sensory Fidget Stretch Toy for ADHD Autism Stress Anxiety Relief

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WATINC Sensory Fidget Toys can relax hands and promote the blood circulationare. They are great treatment toy for kids with ADHD, Autism, Emotional Disturbances, and any child who has a Meltdown.

3 * Squeeze Balls: Red, blue and green
1 * Unicorn Squishy
4 * Random Mini Squishy
4 * Mochi Squishy: Grey cat, white cat, pink octopus and white hedgehog
4 * Stretchy Strings: Green, orange, blue and rose red
4 * Mesh and Marble Toys: Yellow, purple, blue and red

Squeeze Ball
Interesting squeeze fruit balls can be randomly squeezed to any shape. Comfortable hand feeling relieving our stress.

Squishy Toy
Soft toys with cute pattern and sweet scented, are perfect vent charms hand toys.

Mochi Squishy
Made of soft silicone and they're stretchy and sticky. Super cute design can be funny to squeeze and great for killing time.

Stretchy String
Colorful stretch strings are so elastic that can be strethed to 120in/10feet, and we can tretch it, squeeze it and bend it to release anxiety.

Mesh and Marble
Mesh and Marble Sensory Toys made with high-quality plastic mesh and premium marbles. When you feel stressed or bored, you can squeeze, roll and slide the marble forth for calming down.

lease be careful not to let your lovely children eat it
he material is soft, too hard pressed or pulled will damage the product
he product may smell, which will probably dissipate in a few days

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[WHAT WILL U GET?] 3*Squeeze Ball,5*Squishy,4*Mochi Squishy,4*Stretchy String,4*Mesh and Marble Toy | [SOFT & FUNNY TO SQUEEZE] Squishy fruit & animal can be squeezed to any shape for relieving stress | [RANDOMLY STRENTCH] Colorful stretch string is elastic & easy to stretch to 55in to release anxiety | [EFFECTIVE THERAPY TOY] We can squeeze,bend,twist mesh & marble to replace bad habit like nail biting | [COMMITMENT TO QUALITY] Stress Relief Toy Set was made of 100% Non-Toxic Material and safe to play

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WT-20Pcs Fidget Toys



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