Wegreeco 100% Bamboo Unscented Biodegradable Diaper Liners,Fragance Free and Chlorine Free - 100 Sheets Per Roll (1 Roll, Bamboo)

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Wegreeco mainly focus on Premium Products like Washable Diapers,Washable Male Belly Wraps,Washable Women Sanitary Pads,Washable Bamboo Nursing Pads etc.
The Reusable Quality products are a true joy to use each time,improving your quality of life.
Wegreeco Cloth Diaper Liners are made from 100% Bamboo Viscose and they allow moisture to pass through and help parents easy to clean.
Bamboo Viscose is very similar to cotton and silk. It is soft and absorbent (nearly twice that of cotton),and very comfortable against baby.

Methods of use (Usage Instructions):
Put the bamboo biodegradable diaper liner above the cloth diaper,
Each time use one piece of paper
Not recommended to fold liners or use multiple sheets as this will affect quick absorption by the cloth diaper,the liner can be cut in two for smaller babies.

Usually When baby poops, dump the whole thing throw into the trash ! It is the responsibility of the end user to know the capability of their plumbing system before attempting to flush,because flushing may cause blockage in older household drain systems,some city has a lot of problems with those things.Not recommended to throw liners into these toilets directly.


Wegreeco bamboo unscented biodegradable nappy liners is made from 100% bamboo viscose. Soft & Comfortable for baby bottom.Those bamboo Unscented liners are Biodegradable. Every parent deserve this! | Disposable Cloth Diaper Liners are easy to tear off and simply place liner between baby's bottom and diaper. Parents just simply takes these liners off and throw into the trash without any further step to clean the mess. | Wegreeco Bio Liners help parents less laundry time. No more soaking stained diapers and extending the life of the diapers! | Recommend throw the used diaper liner into the trash,No flush in case toilet blocking | Size:7"x12"per sheet, 100 sheets per roll









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