Wekity Flying Ball Toys, RC Toy Helicopter Gifts for Kids Built-in-Shinning LED Disco Light Rechargeable Light Up Ball Drone Infrared Induction RC Drone Helicopter Ball

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HOW TO PLAY -Slide switch to "On" position -Release the ball from your hand and let it fly up -After about 2-3 seconds the propellers will begin to spin -When the lights come on, hold the ball in a straight up position -On the bottom of the ball you will find a small black on/off switch f you hold it on the bottom, the starting signal will be very strong and it might elevate too high or not fly rightWhen the flyer starts to go down, put your hand, arm, leg, knee, (basically ANY solid surface!) underneath it for a short time (1-2 seconds) to make it go back up. A little practice may be needed, but after a short while, you'll easily become a pro! Products Features: Flying Ball Color: Transparent, Light color random Flying Ball Size: 12 * 11cm Accessories: aircraft x1, data cable x1 Charging time: 30 mins,runing Time Lasted : 8-10 mins Environment: Indoor recommendations Package Dimensions:20 x 7cm (H x W). Body Material: ABS Plastic. 100% Brand New. Suitable for: Ages 8+. USB Charging Package Dimension: 17.5 x 17 x 5.5cm (L x W x H). Flight Time: Approx. 6-8 minutes. NOTE: The toys do not play in a small room, in particular, be careful not playing in the room have ceiling fans, in order to avoid dangerous;If your kids are too young to handle this flying ball. The parents must help teaching or watching them to play this flying ball.Because if your hand do not control the flying ball. It will fall down. About Controller You can use TV & Air conditioner Remote Rontroller to turn on/off the hand sensor. 'Usable Universal TV remote controller" We will continue to work hard and improve it . In order to provide better service to customers.


It is a best gift for children kids and teenagers birthday, festival, Children's day, Christmas and suitable for any of festival's gift to kids. So many buyers were feeling happy and fun with the little rc ball.If you buy it. It will bring the happy to your family | This is hand sensor induction suspended flying toy. When the flying ball flys up you should put your hand underneath the flying ball for controlling flying.It will make interaction with your hand.colorful LED Disco light,ball with double wings looks so cute. | RECHARGEABLE LED LIGHT BALL: Flashing LED light plus a glass ball appearance design which will emit bright shining and colorful light when it is on. It has great visual appeal for any children and adults. You only need to connect it on a USB connector for 20-25 minutes. Fantastic LED RC flying helicopter ball! | MULTIPLE PROTECTIONS RC TOYS: 1. Flying protection: The ball will automatically sense the objects underneath and fly away when you switch on;2. Power-on protection: The flying ball will be stationary for 3 seconds to ensure safety when you turn on the switch;3. Collision protection: When the Flying ball falls down to ground or collides with other objects, it will stop whirling;4. Environmental protection: non-toxic ABS material;5. Automatic power off protection when charging finishes. | About Controller, you can use TV & Air conditioner Remote Rontroller to turn on/off the hand sensor.Please note it cannot control flying.1 Year Worry-Free Warranty. 24-hours email contact service is available. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We're standing by to assist you all the time









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