Wet Bag Dry Bag - Looks Great Anywhere- Easy to Clean - Perfect for Wet Clothes or as Cloth Diapers Wet Bag - Non Toxic Liner with Sealed Seams

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Fashion Meets Function: The Kidthingz wet bag dry bag.

We made this bag to look great. High quality canvass cotton, vibrantly subtle color and designer pattern so it looks like it belongs anywhere - a library, a restaurant, at work or on the beach.

And we needed it to be durable and practical as well.

Because we also made it functional. Makes a great baby laundry bag. Or a wet bikini bag. Or a wet swim suit bag. Or a dirty diaper bag.

The waterproof lining is double stitched but is also soft and pliable. It won't degrade like a hard plastic liner. The 10 X by 13 size makes this perfect for a day out but not too big so it is super convenient to take with you. Easily good for at least four cloth diapers or several baby outfits (so handy when you have to change a wet outfit and you don't want to soil the rest of your stuff) or even four or five adult bathing suits.

This wet dry bag does not contribute to world peace. But it sure makes your busy life more convenient and it looks great.

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QUALITY LOOK AND FEEL OF THIS WET DRY BAG MAKES YOU THINK IT'S A BEAUTIFUL FASHION ACCESSORY! COLORFAST TREATED SO COLORS WILL STAY BRIGHT AND CLEAN FOR YEARS. | INNER WATERPROOF LINING DOESN'T LEAK AND IS CLOTHES FRIENDLY. Unlike chloride-based vinyl, this PEVA vinyl contains no toxic ingredients, gives off no gas and does not smell. Your wet items are completely safe in the wet pouch. | KEEPS MOISTURE AND ODORS AWAY FROM YOUR DRY STUFF IN THE MESH DRY POUCH. Especially important if using wet bags for cloth diapers, seams are double stitched and sealed. | SNAP BUCKLE ON STRAP LETS YOU ATTACH THIS DRY WETBAG ANYWHERE. Super convenient. Hang from your wrist (fashion statement). Attach to your stroller, put in a larger bag, or hang from anything you like. | HANGING WET BAG IS SO CONVENIENT FOR BABY TRAVEL. AND THEY"RE GREAT WET BAGS FOR SWIMWEAR TOO! . 180 DAY NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you aren't satisfied for any reason, simply return for a full refund.









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