WHRMQ Gyroscope, Anti-Gravity Spinner Toys, Precision Metal Gyroscope Finger Spinner Educational Gift and Training for Kids.

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Tips: Please note that this gyroscope toy is manually activated, so the rotation time will not last very long. This product is intended to let you try and develop different gameplay. You can try various challenging gameplay provided by us in the picture, or you can develop your own gameplay. (It is normal if you fails to some gameplay at first as you need patience and intelligence to play with it.) Startup method: Step 1: Pass the rope into the hole (you can put in some more rope and wrap around the rope) Step 2: Twist the flywheel to wrap the rope Step 3: Wrap the rope Step 4: Pull the rope out quickly (hold the gyroscope strongly) Step 5: The gyroscope is started successfully Product weight: 0.21lbPackage weight: 0.39lbProduct size (L x W ): 5 x 2.7 inches Package size (L x W x H: 4 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches Package Contents: 1 x Gyroscope, 1 x String, 1 x Base, 1 x Ring, 1 x User Manual. A BALANCE TOY: This gyroscope was produced since 1917, it has been a classic educational toy for generations. It continues to fascinate young and old alike with its mysterious force that seems to defy gravity. An excellent tool to teach gyroscopic inertia, the gyroscope will provide hours of creative play. This variety pack-this Gyroscope can lead to hours of fascinating discoveries for you. The gyroscope is a precision instrument that spins like a top on a tiny pivot, seeming to defy gravity just to keep its position in space. An easy-to-read product insert explains how to make the gadget spin on a tabletop, on the edge of a cup, or even on a tautly pulled string.


Best Halloween Gift. NOVEL STYLIE. This gyroscope is designed using anti-gravity physical principles, which can achieve a variety of gameplay, you can put it on your finger or base, you could even place it on a string, but if not, a normal table would still do. You can also looking for new ideas in brainstorming to unleash your creativity. | AWESOME TOOL. Take a break and relax with the kids playing with this gyroscope. It can spark kid’s interest in physics and science. alleviating hyperactivity in children, development of intelligence and coordination of fingers. It also can help you to kill time when you fell bored and relive stress when you are under much pressure. | STRONG-DURABLE BODY. This gyroscope adopts bright golden metal frame, stainless steel shaft, gold-plated inertia flywheel. The shaft is made of 304 stainless steel imported machine, and its precision is kept at 0.05mm, has a smooth surface, will not rusty and fade, will not be easily damaged. | GREAT FOR THE OFFICE. When you are in office. you can put it on your desktop, start it, quietly watching its fascinating whirl, it will be fascinating to you. It also will help you work more efficiently and help you focus. When you don't use it, it's a nice decoration for your desk. | SATISFACTION GUARANTEE---- We're offering a 30-Day DARE TO COMPARE Money Back Challenge! You can contact us at any time if you have any issue about the product, and we will offer the best solutions for your case.



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