Wigs Canvas Head Professional Cork Block Heads Set with Mini Adjustable Tripod Stand for Salon Professional Hair Stylist Makeup Blogger, 21-23 Inches (22 Inches)

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Description: Base with mount hole easy to fit with the most wig clamp, High quality knitted canvas covers with plastic base. Model head stand Strong enough to hold mannequin head wigs on flat surface. 50 T and 20 C Shape Needle Pins Wig T-pins for Holding Wigs Sewing Hair Extensions 51mm, Fixing wig on wig head model for wig styling, making. Perfect for cosmetology styling or any hat display mannequin head, for display of hair wigs, hat, Eye glasses, headphone, scarf, jewelry display etc. These professional wig making sewing accessories is designed for hair experts or salon, you could put pins and hold wigs easily. Material: Canvas Cover + Cork + Plastic Base Height: approx 30cm/ 12 inch Head Circumstance: approx. 21 inch,22 inch,23 inch (You can choose) Stand Material: high quality metal Adjustable Height, 38cm-54cm/ 15-21 inch T Pins Length: approx. 51mm C Shape Curved Needles:1.2*63mm or 1.3*89mm Package Includes: 1 Piece Canvas Mannequin Head 1 Piece Stand 20 Pieces C Shape Curved Needle Pins 50 Pieces T Pins 1 Roll Black Thread


[Canvas Head] - Made of canvas for its cover and used the Polyurethane for the inside material. Instead of using foam, it is lightweight and durable. | [Adjustable Mini Tripod Stand]- We have put an adjustable tripod stand for this wigging head which fits great with the hole on the head bottom . Comparing with C stand it is thickener and high quality which not easy to be broken. Adjustable Height: 38cm-54cm/ 15-21 inch. | [Accurate Size for You]- During designing this head, we have measured the head shapes of several people and finally produced the sizes which close to reality sizes. Meanwhile, you can directly get to know what does wigs look like actual by our heads. | [Professional Wigging Head]- Perfect for hair experts Salon hair stylist makeup blogger wigs displaying or people who loves study hair stylist. We also prepared Head Stand, 20 T-pins, 50 C Needles, 1 Lace Wig Cap, 1 Black Thread as gift for you which will make you more convenient on the process of making wigs. | [Mannequin Head Detail]- There are 3 sizes for you to choose: 21 inches/ 22 inches/ 23 inches (all of them are in the standard sizes) It is very welcomed to contact us if you have any questions on our wig head, we will try our best to provide you a satisfy product and customer service!









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